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Leading Inclusively podcast - Denise Hummel

Hosted by Lead Inclusively CEO, Denise Hummel, the main goal of the Leading Inclusively podcast series is to push conversations pushing new innovation in leadership, culture, coaching, happiness and equality in the world's leading businesses and workplaces. The series has had the privilege of hosting many high-profile leaders in the spaces of inclusion, leadership, mentorship, culture, psychology, global development and more. 





Scott Miller Podcast ThumbnailAccountability is key to the personal growth of a leader which also enhances their ability to help in the personal grow their team members as well.

Best-Selling Author and Chief Marketing Officer of Franklin Covey, Scott Miller, joins to discuss his new book 'From Management Mess to Leadership Success'. This raw and relatable book contains Scott’s thirty most important leadership solutions, each based on a personal story from his career. 




Leading Inclusively Podcast - Deepa PrahaladWe are in the midst of what many are dubbing the 4th industrial revolution. From the front-lines of US manufacturing jobs to campuses of Silicon Valley to the emergence of new innovation hubs across the world, this new wave of innovation comes brings opportunity but also volatility.

Deepa Prahalad joins the Leading Inclusively podcast to explain to us how with an inclusive mindset, the world can uncover the solutions to ongoing problems like the global income gap, climate change, automation, and more. All this making the future of global innovation and development is more exciting than ever.



Leading Inclusively Podcast - Joel Peterson


Trust is a vital element in creating and sustaining innovative companies. Without a culture of trust, workplace relationships, teams, and entire organizations will eventually implode. The Leading Inclusively podcast sat down with Stanford Professor and JetBlue Chairman, Joel Peterson, to discuss the various elements of trust and the areas they impact organizations the most. We also discussed how trust and inclusive leadership are vital to each other's success. 




Leading Inclusively Podcast - Alex Balazs


When many think of the workplace diversity debate, often the narrative of 'White men vs everyone else' will come to the forefront. The Leading Inclusively podcast and Denise Hummel, sat down with Intuit Chief Architect, Alex Balazs, to discuss why that is not the case, and how white men (or any workplace majority group) can play a vital role in advancing diverse and equitable workplaces




Leading Inclusively Podcast - Marshall Goldsmith


The world's #1 Executive Coach and multi best-selling author, Marshall Goldsmith, joins the podcast to discuss his recent book "How Women Rise". During the conversation, Marshall and Denise discuss what men and women can do to build trusting relationships that will ultimately advance workplace gender parity, and career success for women and men alike. Marshall is also a content contributor to the Inclusion Virtual Coach App.




Leading Inclusively Podcast - Chester Elton


Best-selling author and organizational culture guru, and CEO of The Culture Works, Chester Elton, discusses the importance of instilling an "all-in" culture within teams and how to capitalize on new hires in the earliest stages of the employee lifecycle to do so. Chester is a dear friend of Lead Inclusively and has even co-hosted a webinar exclusive with the Lead Inclusively team titled, 'Unlocking Happier Workplaces'.




Leading Inclusively Podcast - ForbesThe topic of Diversity and Inclusion is often met with skepticism and even disdain. Even those who see Diversity and Inclusion as a driver of equitable and innovative workplaces, are overwhelmed with various stresses from their professional and personal lives.

Empathy is the tool to win over detractors to Diversity and Inclusion and drive workplace culture and relationships that empower teams, and organizations. Denise Hummel sat down with Forbes Coaches Council Member, Eugene Frazier, to discuss.



Leading Inclusively Podcast - UN Women


Lead Inclusively CEO, Denise Hummel, speaks with the Interim Executive of Every Women Every Child hosted by the UN, Rebecca Reichmann, to discuss various evolving challenges and opportunities surrounding gender equity around the world.




Leading Inclusively Podcast - Lois Sonstegard



Listen to how Build2Morrow CEO, Lois Sonstegard, adopted inclusive leadership culture to reduce employee turnover AND mortality rates while working at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.




Leading Inclusively Podcast - Harvard Psychology


We can all agree that happy employees and teams are generally more productive. Leaders that are inclusive are better at fostering a culture that promotes happiness in the workplace. Harvard Professor, Tal Ben-Shaharjoins the Leading Inclusively podcast and dives deeper into how this relationship is manifested.





Leading Inclusively Podcast - Maya Hu-Chan


Denise Hummel, sits down with cross-cultural competency expert and the President of Global Leadership Associates, Maya Hu-Chan, to discuss how a leadership style that is inclusive impacts culture, and subsequently, fosters an innovation mindset within teams and organizations.





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